Valentine’s day concert


14. and 15. FEB7 pm
Ticket price22€
PlaceMusic house DAILE

Soloist Elza Rozentāle

Conductor Raitis Ašmanis

Programme: love music in Latino rhythms from all over the world


Valentine’s day at one of the most intimate Riga’s cultural hotspots – Daile Music House. Two nights of romantic music and good atmosphere at concert LATINO LOVE SONGS on 14th and 15th of February, 2019. Soloist Elza Rozentāle will perform together with Orchestra RIGA big band and the conductor Raitis Ašmanis.

Orchestra RIGA is the official orchestra of the Riga City Council. Currently the orchestra presents itself as a concert orchestra, with performances in Riga City festivals and on nationally significant days, with concerts in Riga concert halls and in the Riga Cathedral. Awarded with the highest form of state recognition in the field of music in Latvia for the outstanding performance throughout the year 2017 – Grand Music Award. Big band of the Orchestra RIGA regularly offers large variety of jazz programmes in collaboration with the top soloists.

Elza Rozentale is one of the brightest new Latvian singers with unique, unusual, powerful vocal for Latvian music scene where velvety timbre alternates with ethnic singing thoroughness and power. At the moment Elza Rozentale is working on various self-created projects: ethno jazz band Bur Mani and electro swing band Electric Elza keeping her signature variety in genres and vocal manner. She is also a member of Latvian electronic music band northern C.

Conductor Raitis Ašmanis is one of the big band music leaders in Latvia. He brings striking programmes in various music styles with different soloists and big bands. He has served as a conductor of Orchestra RIGA in 2009 – 2015.